Landscaper Pre-Qualification

What is this?

Commercial Landscaping Services is a professional referral service. Our prime objective is to increase service satisfaction and net operating income for real estate investors and property managers. As such, we pre-qualify and partner with the best local commercial landscape contractors and help deliver new long-term customers.

How do I get pre-qualified?

Please fill out the form on the home page indicating your interest, or send an email to service @ (remove the spaces). We will contact you with further requirements.

What size jobs do you have?

We deal with commercial level properties of all sizes. These can include office complexes and office parks, large and small multi-family units as well as single family home portfolios.

What markets do you serve? will serve, on a national basis, both Major and Minor markets (Big cities and suburbs). We are pesently concentrated in the northeast since that is where we are headquartered.

How much does this cost?

There is no charge for us having a conversation or to apply or any upfront fees of any kind. If you are agood match, when approved, we have different pricing based on major / minor markets and exclusivity rights. Exclusive rights to markets are available but must go through a rigourous capabilities assement. This will ensure that you maximize your results from working with us and your new clients. Plus, we need to make sure our investor & property management customers will be best served by your company and that you have the capability and reputation to keep them as life-long customers while delivering value to their NOI.

What is the next step?

We've set aside some time to talk to you. Fill out the form or send us an email: service @ (remove the spaces). After a set of pre-qualifying questions via email, we'll evaluate your business and work with you collaboratively to increase you sales.

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